Earth Lore Resin Incense – February 2023

I was always attracted to incense as a young woman when I shared a house with a friend who was always burning it in our home. Through her love of rituals and ceremony I became fixated with the calming aromas. Whether it be to increase calmness, stimulate creativity, compliment yoga or meditation, reduce anxiety or simply enjoy the act of burning incense, amorettam’s earth lore kit is sure to awaken your senses and leave you feeling ready for anything!

Vessels for burning resin incense should be fire-proof. In this picture I have layered the clay bowl with sand and lit the charcoal. As the charcoal heats up it should produce a white-ish ash outer. This means the charcoal is hot and ready to sprinkle the resins upon. Some prefer to use a small mica-plate, placed on top of the charcoal as this technique of burning resins increases the burn tim . amorettam has mice plates that can be purchased upon request.

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