Why is our body cream unscented? September 2023

Did you know Olfaction is the name for sense of smell. As humans, this sensory is a pivotal part of our life and can spark behavioural and emotional responses, warn us of danger, tell us whether food is expiring, increase or decrease our appetites and transfer us back to happy or sad memories. When creating the bases for my body creams I could have opted for a fragrance and more than likely a fragrance would have produced increased sales. People would fall in love with the fragrance and buy the cream. However this is not in the ethos of what amorettam is about, which is to produce products as close to their natural state as possible. And, had I done so, would have also compromised the extracts that I wanted to add to my creams. We source our extracts from Australian companies who are passionate about their work and it makes sense to also do justice to their work.

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