Launch of Face Bloom Oil – July 2024

Dry July – It’s usually the time of winter when we start to notice our skin is feeling the effects of cold weather, low humidity, and the drying effects of indoor heating.  During these cooler months, it’s important to layer your skincare regime and spend extra time allowing products to absorb into the skin.

This month we launched Face Bloom Oil; very timely more recently, when many customers were asking, what will combat the effects of dryness and create a barrier for skin?

Bloom is a nourishing and hydrating formula for all ages (except children) can be used under or without make-up, morning and evening, or whenever your skin needs a boost.

We think the extracted oil of Australian rose mahogany shines in this oil; the wood aroma is quite grounding yet subtle and resonates with feelings of being out bush, of being at one with nature.

Bloom targets dryness, environmental damage, lack of radiance, conditioning, and firming.

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